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Umeda Tetsuya / John Richards (Dirty Electronics) / Tim Shaw / Horio Kanta

Sound artists John Richards and Tim Shaw from the UK will be visiting Japan this winter. Both of them make DIY musical instruments and devices and are active internationally.
Do a Front have invited two Japanese artists, Tetsuya Umeda (Osaka) and Kanta Horio (Tokyo), to join Richards and Shaw who they have worked with before, to hold a live event-style exhibition with sailing as a motif.
Within the venue, the artists will temporarily open a shop based on the theme of their work, and you will have the opportunity to make or rent a FM radio and then move around the venue while listening to the sounds emitted by the artists. You can also purchase on the spot other works and items produced in the artists’ temporary shops.
Please look forward to the new world premiere of the four internationally active artists!

Saturday, December 10, 2022
15:00 Doors open
16:00 Start, until sunset (scheduled to end at 17:05)

Do a Front
1-9 Dounomaemachi, Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Free entrance
Selling hot drinks

Please bring headphones and an FM radio that you can listen to with earphones.
If you do not have one, we will ‘rent you a radio’ for a small price at the venue, but
the number is limited (you can also make or purchase a radio – Do a Front Radio –
during your stay).
The venue is cold, so please dress warmly.

Organize: Do a front
Supports: ARTS for the future! 2, YICA

Do a front

Umeda Tetsuya

Inspired by the structure of the building and the surrounding environment, his work produces time as a phenomenon that can only be established on the spot. In addition to exhibitions at art galleries and museums, he has presented performances at theaters and tour-type works that invite the audience to unfamiliar places. Recent solo exhibitions and performances include "Tetsuya Umeda in Beppu 'O Tatami'" (Beppu, 2020-2021), "The Origin of Songs" (Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka, 2019-2020), "Playtime" (Theater) Cocoon, 2020) and others.

John Richards (Dirty Electronics)

Richards has been active in the fields of music and performing arts since the 90s. He has visited Japan several times in the past and collaborated with other artists such as Saburo Teshigahara and Merzbow. In recent years, he has been interested in performances of electronic music and DIY electronic work by large groups, exploring the concept of "dirty electronics" with a focus on critical production, workshop-installations, performance-installations, and writing activities, etc.

Tim Shaw

An artist working with sound, light, and communication media. He presents works in the form of performances, installations, sound walks, etc. His works, recordings, and writings focus on field recordings, electronics, video, modular synthesis, sound objects, self-made hardware, and DIY software, etc. This work will be introduced in his first visit to Japan.

Horio Kanta

He presents live performances and installation works that create phenomena that occur autonomously on the spot by connecting energies such as sound, light, magnetism, and position with physical movement using everyday items and self- made devices. As an engineer, he develops and manufactures electronic musical instruments and interfaces based on tactile sensation and vibration. Recent activities and exhibitions include the unit “FINALBY( )” (from 2021) centered on ∈Y∋ from Boredoms, and “streaming heritage 2021 autumn” (Nagoya City, 2021).